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Product Information Chart

Not sure which Ready Welder model is right for you?
• Use the chart below to find the Ready Welder model that best suits your needs.

RW Model Number Connects to Batteries Connects to CV MIG Machines Connects to CC ARC/ Stick Machines Has Extended 20′ Leads Integrated Ground Clamp Features “Cold Start” Safety
10000 Yes No No No Yes No
10000ADP Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
10250 Yes (1) Yes Yes Yes No No
10000-CS Yes No No No Yes Yes
10000ADP-CS Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
10250-CS Yes (1) Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Note: (1) – 10250 Models Require Additional Cables and a Ground Clamp In Order to Connect To Battery Power

Product Features
For a listing of the full details of accessories included with each model, click on the model image in which you are interested.

Model #10000


    • Specifically cabled for standard battery connection
    • Includes quick disconnect plugs, ground cable and clamp for maximum portability

*Perfect for portable welding repair jobs



Model #10000ADP


    • Includes AC/DC power supply to allow connection to both MIG and CC/Stick Machines
    • Will also connect to batteries



Model #10250


      • Connects to many DC output welding machines as a spool gun
      • AC/DC power supply provided for motor control when connected
        to DC Output Welding Machines
      • LC 10 type connectors
      • Does not include ground clamp or battery connection cables



Model #10000MDP-CS “Military Pak”
NEW (GSA) NSN #: 5130-01-522-1379


      • Four Spools of Wire
        – 2 Flux Core Wire (Steel)
        – 2 Aluminum
      • Two 20FT extensions
      • Waterproof, airtight and heavy-duty tough case
      • Integrated 15′ cable
      • Extra Circuit Board Assembly
      • NATO Power Plug
      • Integrated Cold Switch already included


Cold Switch Option
This option can be added to any one of our Ready Welder II models above. The Cold Switch solenoid system is contained in a softball sized box that is integrated near the end of the Ready Welder II’s cable and adds approximately 3′ to the overall cable length. This system is designed to protect the operator from accidentally striking an arc without the trigger pulled. The solenoid is deactivated when you release the trigger, allowing you to lay the welder down or to avoid arcing out your grounded surfaces without any worries. This feature was manufactured with safety in mind. To add this option, simply add “-CS” to the end of the model number.