Repair Request


Ready Welder II Repair Request

Thank you for your ongoing support as a Ready Welder II user. We are sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your welder. We take great pride in the quality, value and performance of our products. Please follow proper question and maintenance procedures outlines in your manual. Please follow the steps below to ensure that your request is handled efficiently. Should you need further assistance, contact

    1. You should have already registered your product using the Warranty Form included in your product case. If you have not, you must fill it out before you process this claim.
    1. Please pack your Ready Welder II in its original case and packaging, do not include any accessories unless it is part of the problem that you are experiencing. Do not write anything on or alter in any way the original case and packaging. Any damage from inadequate packing or carrier mishandling is the sole responsibility of the sender. We strongly encourage that you use your original packaging that you received your Ready Welder in, and that you insure your package.
    1. Fill out the form below. Contact us by calling (310) 834-3321 to request a return authorization number (RA#). Do not send a product without first securing an RA#. Do not write the RA# directly on the box. You must write it on the form below. IMPORTANT: Then fax or mail a copy to Ready Welder for tracking purposes. Finally, be sure to affix the form below securely to the outside of your packaging, so that it is visible and easily accessible. If the form is not included with the product, no service will be performed or no attempt to contact you will made.
  1. All shipping charges must be pre-paid by the sender. Ready Welder will, at its own expense, return the repaired product to teh sender provided that the return address is within the USA and Canada and the the product is still under warranty. We will ship best way at our discretion.

PRODUCTS NOT UNDER WARRANTY: Please indicate below if your product is no longer under warranty. Once the unit is received, you will be contacted and advised of the cost of carrying out any repair unless that cost does not exceed $75.00 USD, in which case the repair will be performed without seeking your prior approval. Repaired unit(s) will be shipped back to you upon receipt of payment for all work performed and return freight charges.

Ready Welder is not responsible for any loss or damage to additional items or accessories that are sent with returned products. We cannot be held responsible for delays in shipping. There is no obligation or liability on the part of Ready Welder for consequential damages arising form the use of the product or any indirect damages with respect to loss or property, revenue, or costs while the product in non-operative.

Package must be shipped to:
Attn: Service Department
811 East G St. Suite A
Wilmington CA, 90744


To initiate a Repair Request either phone us during normal business hours at 800-935-3644 or fill out and submit the Repair Request Form which is linked to below.

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