Model 10250-CS Ready Welder II

The ReadyWelder model #10250-CS is suited for welders and welding facilities who want a MIG spool gun attachment to run off any MIG, CV, or CC stick welding machine.

The RW10250-CS is an excellent choice for welders who have engine drivers or those who weld aluminum using virtually any common welding machine brand. Ground and series cables for battery operation not included.

Model 10250-CS Features:Cabled as a spoolgun for easy MIG/stick machine attachment

  • ReadyWelder II™ high-impact MIG gun
  • 20 ft of Cold Switch-enabled power cable with LC-10 connector pairs (can be extended to 100 ft)
  • 1-pound spool of flux-cored wire 0.035”
  • Contact tip of each size: 0.023”, 0.030”, 0.035”, & 0.040”
  • Gas hose coupling adaptor to fit your gas regulator
  • Small battery/machine clamp
  • 10 extra feet of gas hose
  • Foam-lined, blow-molded ReadyWelder carrying case
  • AC/DC power converter for operating the RW unit with constant current (CC) stick welding machines
  • Non-Cold Switch model (#10250) also available

Price: $649.00

Shipping: $10.00

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